Your medical centre at Kaiserstuhl

weinhold windelenAs a general practitioner I welcome you to my website.

Through the broad range of health services we offer and accurately timed treatment, you will quickly realize that we can reduce worries and pain.
In this way a longer period of sickness will hopefully be prevented.
However, if a chronic disease is diagnosed, we will do everything in our power to limit the impact of the disease and to enable a fulfilled and independent life.

Of course, our medical practice is suitable for disabled people with an entry at ground level and without any ramps. Wide doors, good conditions for movement with a wheel chair and suitable sanitary rooms are available.

My professional medical practice, here in the beautiful village of Bötzingen in the Kaiserstuhl, has been established through my experience of working  over ten years in major hospitals in Bochum and Freiburg.

The linking-up and the cooperation with other local medical practices is commendable and competent.
The coordination of holidays and stand–ins functions well.

I invite you to browse through my website and perhaps personally meet us through a visit in our medical practice.


Dr. med. Lucian Weinhold and Dr. med. Barbara Windelen