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weinhold windelenMedical practices, which focus on the treatment of patients with chronic pain, are rare. One reason for this is the complicated training, which is only offered by particular hospitals in Germany. Another reason is the increasingly complex payment of the elaborate treatment through the health funds.

Patients with chronic pain are people, who have suffered a pain for over 6 months, which affects their lifestyle massively and beside physical discomfort, can also causes psychological disorder.

When the sadness starts to influence the reasoning, it doesn`t take long before social withdrawal and despair set in. Even little tasks, which had never been a problem, become excessively demanding.

An unhappy life context on the ground of difficult and painful experiences in one’s life is formed, which without any therapy afterwards will become a breeding ground for chronic pain.

You already see, that the examination of chronic pain involves much more, than a rapid treatment, in order to abandon an annoying pain. It always includes a personal encounter with one`s self and the active search for own possible solutions.

How I became a specialist for pain therapy, you can read on the page outlining my career.