Ozone Therapy...

...The benefit of activated oxygen.

Ozone Therapy is very important in order to activate the immune system and for treating circulatory disorders. The improvement of the general condition will be experienced subjectively, quickly and clearly. Test it yourself! In our medical practice this method has proved of value since over ten years and has been exercised many times for the satisfaction of patients.

This treatment affords particular preparation.Please arrange an appointment. The costs are usually accepted by private health insurances, but unfortunately not by national health insurances.

Further on you can read in my ozone-script about the scientific principles and the application areas of this method. Lots of medical colleagues have also already enjoyed the benefits of this therapy.

In order to survey the success of the Ozone Therapy, we have carried out an intensive questionnaire with our patients. Over 84% were satisfied with the effect of the method and 92% recommend the therapy to others! A great success. If you want to learn more about the therapy, please click here (study) and take time to inform yourself.


- Information for patients: Ozone Therapy
- Study of the satisfaction of patients with the Ozone Therapy