Interdisciplinary pain conference in Breisach

Here a patient is referred from the interested medical colleagues to our team of therapists, who regularly deal intensively with patients with chronic pain.
For many doctors it is a daily matter of course task to increase their competence in this way and at the same time allow the welfare of the patient to benefit from their knowledge.

This event is accredited according to the rules of the medical society DGSS and is acknowledged from the medical chamber as an advanced training.
It takes place ten times each year, on every second Wednesday in the month, at 18:15 in the cafeteria of the Helios Rosmann hospital in Breisach.
It is not necessary for doctors to apply for participation.

Here you can find:

- The application for a patient to be introduced to the interdisciplinary pain conference
- Current events of the interdisciplinary pain conference in Breisach