Dr. med. Lucian Weinhold


Seit vielen Jahren bin ich für die Schmerztherapie als Vortragsredner unterwegs und führe Diskussionen und Seminare zum chronischen Schmerz in Presse und Rundfunk.


Dr. med. Lucian Weinhold

My medical standards were characterized through working almost twenty years at two German university hospitals. Thus I became a medical specialist for anesthesiology and finally a dedicated general practitioner here in Bötzingen in the Kaiserstuhl, close to the city of Freiburg in Breisgau in the south of Baden.


Because training centers for pain therapists are a rarity in Germany, you unfortunately only find a few therapists, who are specialized in this area.


Such a training center is situated at the Biochemical Institute of the University in Bochum. I worked there at the attached Mary Hospital with my prominent mentor Dr. U. Hankemeier, who was chief physician of the hospital for anesthesiology, intensive care and pain therapy at the St. John's Hospital in Bielefeld.


The scientific activities at the Biochemical Institute of the University of Freiburg surrounding immunology tumor therapy and the activation of the body's defenses were an important part of my career.

My work was focused on the investigation of the regulation and synthesis, the processing and secretion of tumor necrosis factor alpha.


I also became aware of the importance of health care and health maintenance. In this way a lot of suffering can be prevented or soothed.

It is the highest task for therapists and patients, to give them a meaning in the own biography. One year of my career I worked at the anthroposophical Paracelsus-Hospital in Unterlengenhardt, which influenced me in this aspect.


After establishing myself as a general practitioner in Bötzingen I have focused my work on specific pain therapy and palliative medicine.


In this context I have founded the interdisciplinary pain conference in Breisach, which regularly takes place at the Helios Rosmann hospital every month. I also invite all well- known medical specialists to this event.


The in-patient pain therapy is the latest development in relation to an ideal designed pain therapy. At last a multimodel treatment of complex pain patients is possible in our region Freiburg, Bötzingen and Markräfler Land.