Other Services

igel - sonstige leistungenThe following medical examinations and treatments are carried out in our medical practice (usually the exact time of the appointment is discussed beforehand).

Health care checkup:
I recommend that those patients over 35 years old make use of the health care examination every 2 years. You can also attend a medical specialist, who will carry out the early cancer diagnosis test (women from the age of 20 onwards and men from 45 onwards). Please tell us, if you're interested in these medical examinations.

Blood sample from the vein for laboratory examination:
Blood samples are carried out after a previous agreement (from 8 am onwards). If this time doesn't suit you, we can arrange another appointment.

For the checkup and health care examination it is important that you do not drink or eat beforehand, also not from 8pm onwards on the previous evening, so that the result of the blood fat (cholesterol and sub-groups) is not influenced.