Dr. med. Lucian Weinhold

Special pain therapy at the Kaiserstuhl

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My name is Dr. Lucian Weinhold. I have been treating people suffering from chronic pain, for over twenty years. Visit and experience our treatment and assistance of patients with chronic pain at our clinical practice in the center of Bötzingen, near the university city Freiburg in Breisgau.


Modern pain medicine has very successful methods of treatment, which far outrun other individual therapies like operations, injections and chirotherapy. I am pleased, that effective and soothing possibilities have been developed, which together with intervening methods comprise the human being in his entire person through the bio-psycho-social pain model.


Through individual care, surveying of all therapeutic options, effective medicine and the consequent consideration of the psychosomatic context, most of the concerns and anxieties are reduced and new aspects and hopes for a fulfilled life are established. Thus the accurate handling of a chronic disease can influence hidden potentials and inhibiting fears positively.


If you wish to have more background information about pain syndromes, you can choose something suitable from the articles. I have also provided basic information available for you, concerning neuropathetic pains. You can also find a detailed report about the subject of migraine. The last section illustrates the current issue of multimodel pain therapy, together with several facts and figures.


Sometimes there is a gentle changeover from specific pain therapy to the treatment of incurable diseases through palliative medicine. Therefore I am willing to assist you with my qualification, in collaboration with the especially accomplished treatment team of the Bötzingen Health Center and the palliative ward in the Helios Rosmann hospital in Breisach.


Here you can find:

- The application for a pain therapy
- Current events and appointments about pain